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How To Help

Food Network

Food Drive
  1. Contact Your Agency Partner
    Check with the organization to see what they need and how you can best work together.
  2. Pick a date
    Set a start and end date for your food drive.
    Recommendation – 3 weeks: It’s enough time to get the word out and keep the momentum going.
  3. Set An Ambitious Goal
    Do you want to collect one type of food? Do you want to collect ten items for every employee in your office? Are you trying to fill a specific number of boxes?

    Recommendation – Ask your Agency Partner what a reasonable goal might be.
  4. Pick a Great Collection Point
    Identify a highly visible and convenient location for people to collect and store the food.

    Recommendation – The lobby, cafeteria or gym
  5. Spread the Word
    Let everyone know what you’re doing. Make it clear which items are needed most.

    Recommendation – Use email, posters, newsletter articles & announcements.
  6. food DriveCollect the Food
    Let people drop off at convenient dates and times. Make sure you have enough volunteers to help unload & stack. Count the donations as they come in.

    Recommendation – Provide boxes with labels ("Our School’s Food Drive"). Choose smaller boxes, otherwise they are too heavy to carry when full.
  7. Call Your Agency Partner
    Share your success and coordinate a time to get the food to them. Many agencies will pick up the food, but it is really helpful if you can bring the food to them.

    Recommendation – Plan ahead and have volunteers ready to deliver the donations to the food pantry after the drive closes.
  8. Celebrate!
    Announce the results and congratulate the participants. Let them know how much their generosity is appreciated.

    Recommendation – Find a very public way to thank everyone!

Download How to have a Great Food Drive PDF.