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“When you really need help, they’re here!”

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Things were going well for Reginald. He had a family, a home, “a pretty good life.” Then, suddenly, his finances fell apart. “I lost my job, my house, and my car,” he says.

Reginald tried to find work, but to no avail. Without a place to live, his family returned to their home state of New York, while Reginald remained in Elkhart, hoping to put the pieces back together.

His family had visited Faith Mission for meals in the past, so he knew it was the place to find help. “I have never seen a place like this where you can get room and board, food every day, free laundry, clothes, help with your addiction, free banking advice,” he says. “They can help you get insurance…medicine… housing— almost anything.”

Settled in at the Mission, Reginald is now eating regular meals, washing dishes five hours a day, and taking advantage of financial training. “It taught me how to manage money,” he says. “You think you have it, but then it’s gone.”

Reginald has also grown spiritually through attending the Mission’s daily chapels. “They’ve got good spiritual balance,” he says. “I see life differently. I take it as it comes instead of worrying about things too much.”

Reginald is saving money so that he can go to New York to be with his family, or bring them back to Elkhart. Either way, he plans to stay in touch with the Mission. “This place is like an oasis…It’s changed my life for the better,” he says. “If you really want help, the Mission can help you…They are good people.”

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