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“I’m exactly where God wants me to be!”

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Pauline had recently lost her home and was living with her daughter while she tried to find work. “I was really confused, because I never had to struggle with getting a job,” she says. “I suffered from depression in the past and I was falling back into that.”

After an argument with her son-in-law, Pauline decided to move out. “I put everything in a storage unit except some clothes and while I was doing that, something said, ‘Go by the Mission,’” she says. “They had a bed available, and I’ve been here since.”

Pauline felt led by God to enter Faith Mission’s Training Faithful Women Program in answer to her prayer two years earlier. “I had prayed, ‘God, I want a closer relationship with You. I want to know You for You,’” she says. “I just knew Bible stories. I knew what other people said. I knew how He worked in my life, but I felt like I didn’t have a relationship with Him, and that’s what I wanted.”

The program has not only helped Pauline grow in her relationship with God, but she’s also been healing from wounds of the past. “The program has really opened my insight to the issues in my life…why I responded the ways I did to certain things that happened, and how God was preparing me and leading me and guiding me in those things,” she says. “The impact is dealing with past issues and breaking them, so they won’t be hindrances in my future.”

Pauline is committed to helping other women at the Mission heal, just as she has. “Whoever walks through the door, I just do my best to love on them. I ask them, ‘Is there anything you need? If there’s anything you need, I want to make that happen. I just want you to get free…get to the next level,’” she says.

Pauline is grateful for the way Faith Mission has helped transform her life. “I just feel so much different now,” she says. “This is exactly where God wants me to be.”

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