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“They’re helping me be a better person…and a better mother”

From the time she was 15, Latoya was on her own, living on the streets.

“Life for me was pretty hard,” says Latoya. “I was adopted into a big family. My mom adopted 10 of us...but she was verbally and physically abusive, and began putting us all out at the age of 15.”

“It was hard to do my school work, go to work and still have to think about where I was going to sleep at night. It was never my goal to give up school, but I needed a break to get myself situated.” Latoya withdrew from school, but still finished her GED.

With no one to love and care for her, Latoya grew up angry. “I didn’t know how to talk about my problems, so I fought with others.” Her deeply rooted anger came with her when she stayed at Faith Mission more than three years ago. And it was the reason she had to be asked to leave.

“I was angry with God.”

“If God loved me, then why was all this happening? I was praying to Him, but he wasn’t answering my prayers.”

Latoya only found the answers to those questions when she returned to the Mission several months ago with her son, Demetri, and joined our Training Faithful Women program.

The Mission has a lot to offer. “It’s not just a place for us to come and rest our heads – they give us structure, discipline, a place for my family to live, three meals a day, transportation to and from appointments. Pretty much anything that you need, the Mission has it. And if you want a close relationship with God, that’s here too!”

“God has a purpose for me.”

Before she returned to the Mission, Latoya had looked to others to help with her struggles, and they always let her down. Today, she depends on God. “I don’t believe that I’m here just because I’m homeless, I believe that God has a purpose for me and that it starts here at the Mission.”

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