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Residency Requirements

Volunteers in Kitchen Serving Food Shelter the homeless.
Feed the hungry.
Care for those in need
with Christian love and kindness.

Faith Mission is the only emergency facility in Elkhart County where shelter, meals, clothing and long-term recovery programs are provided all in one place.

Our doors are open 365 days a year to Elkhart County's neediest men, women and children, regardless of origin, creed, age or gender. Once each person's basic needs are met, we go to work restoring lives through our long-term residential and community network programs.

What are the steps to becoming a resident of Faith Mission of Elkhart?

  1. Check on bed space availability by contacting the Mission at (574) 293-3406, ext. 101
  2. All residents are required to get a wants and warrants check with the Elkhart City Police Department. This is a free service.
  3. If you have ever been convicted of a sex crime or arson, then you are not eligible to have residency at Faith Mission.

If you have any questions about residency issues, please feel free to contact the Mission directly at (574) 293-3406, ext. 101.