Richard didn’t realize how much he’d changed at Faith Mission until the day he bumped into a man coming out of a local tavern.

Looking at the man, Richard saw what he looked like just a year earlier: Hurting. Full of pain. Numbed by alcohol. Searching for hope.

“We talked for a while,” he says. “Days later, that man thanked me for helping him. I felt really good because I’ve been there… and I’m not there anymore.”

In fact, before Faith Mission, Richard’s life was a series of mornings where he couldn’t remember anything about the night before.

As a child of divorce, and with a stepmother who wasn’t good to him, Richard started drinking at age 12 to drown the pain of his family life. And from there, it progressed until he could no longer function without help.

He came to Faith Mission… weary from his burdens.

Everything changed when he sat down to a hot meal. “I was shocked by the first meal I ate here… I hadn’t had a good meal like that in a long time.”

Richard joined our Training Faithful Men Program, where he has learned how to stay sober while strengthening his relationship with the Lord.

“I’m not the one that changed my life. It’s been changed by the love of Jesus Christ.”

Today, Richard’s heart is renewed by hope. “The Mission has opened a whole new door in my life. I see now I can accomplish anything. I spent my whole life thinking I couldn’t.”

As Richard works to get his life back on track, he’s also excited to volunteer. “The Elkhart community has given me so much… I’m excited to give back what I can.”

When he sees his life today and compares it to just a year ago, Richard is thrilled by his transformation thanks to God’s love in his life – and your support. “Faith Mission gave me all the support I needed… and they’ll help you if you really want to help yourself.”