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"I can't take my kids to a shelter!"


Parents are supposed to care for and love their children. But what Natasha experienced as a child was abuse and neglect.

When her parents divorced, a new man moved into the house. “He would taunt me and pull me around by my mom said I was disobedient because I didn’t listen to him, so I had to go stay with my dad.”

Very quickly, Natasha learned that she was really on her own. “I had to buy my own bathroom tissue and toothpaste and food...but I didn’t have a job, so I ended up meeting some guys on the streets and selling drugs.”

Life on the streets was terrifying, but it taught Natasha a sort of “independence” that was to serve her well years later when her husband left and she ended up raising three children on her own.

The family’s life was one of extreme ups and downs. Jobs that ended. Children who were chronically ill. Moving from “great” neighborhoods to “rat-infested” apartments.

In desperation, Natasha cried out to God, and He placed a Faith Mission “angel” in her life.

“LaTasha didn’t give me what I wanted...she gave me and my children what we needed. A place to stay. Food. Clothes. A church. And somebody to talk to.”

Today, Natasha and her children are living in a place of their own. “I thank God for this place! My faith had withered away, but the Mission gave me hope. This place is called Faith Mission for a reason!”

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Help other people like Natasha…

Natasha's story of hope and healing is inspiring. Our long-term recovery programs exist to help other men and women in Michiana find healing. Will you help provide this help to others?