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Holiday 2023

Holiday 2023

When Tracy came to Faith Mission of Michiana, she was battling an addiction and living in a tent in below-zero weather. She had come to the Mission before to eat, and she knew that now her life was on the line. “My whole life changed,” she says today. “Everything that...
Fall 2023

Fall 2023

Curt was a guest here several years ago. So, when he lost his job and his place to live, he turned to Faith Mission of Michiana once again for help. Being at the Mission also forced Curt to confront his addiction to alcohol and get the help he needed. “I probably...

Spring 2023

At 60, when many people are thinking about retirement, Vonzette made a decision that would change her life forever. Once she decided to leave behind drugs and an abusive relationship, your support made it possible for her to find help in our long-term residential and...

Easter 2023

Gerry worked all his life and wasn’t planning to retire any time soon. But three strokes left him unable to work. After his third stroke last fall, Gerry had nowhere to go when he was released from the hospital… Easter 2023 Newsletter

Winter 2022

After being laid off from his job due to cutbacks, Terry found himself homeless. Having come through the Mission’s program many years ago, he called upon the Mission once more to find a safe place to get back on his feet… Winter 2022 Newsletter

Fall 2022

Stacey was just 15 when her Dad gave her meth… a horribly addictive drug. It ruled her life for the next ten years. Finding a home and new hope at Faith Mission of Michiana has given Stacey and her children a chance at a better life… Fall 2022...